Our adaptive learning platform

WITIT is an adaptive learning platform based on AI, that enables teachers to track their students' progress and quickly assist those, who are struggling. It instantly analyses each student's pre-knowledge and learning style, and adapts the content to perfectly suit his needs.

This way, both students and teachers gain an advantage: students obtain personalised content and will be able to study more effectively, while teachers gain means to keep each individual student engaged throughout the whole course.

Benefits for students

For each student, the WITIT platform creates a personalised version of the content and students can search for an explanation of the topic presented in the lecture. After the platform analyses their pre-knowledge, it will identify their knowledge gaps that first need to be filled in order to understand that topic. WITIT uses those gaps to create a unique learning path, which is then presented to each student. Thanks to an AI algorithm the presented knowledge is fully adapted to their learning style as well (text explanation style, images, videos, examples etc.). The learning time is minimized. The feeling of frustration that results from struggling with the content can thus be avoided.

Analyse pre-knowledge


Identify gaps


Create learning path


Present content

Benefits for teachers

For you, as a teacher, the platform will not only provide means to keep your students engaged but also apply a concept of dynamic teaching. The platform provides you with real-time feedback and information about your students progress. The provided statistics enable you to assist the students who are struggling and to challenge those who are advanced and already ahead of the lecture.


Engaged students


Success tracking


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Srdjan Bisanovic
Project Lead

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Product Lead

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Vanja Bisanovic
Lead Programmer


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